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DECIDE After-School Program empowers kids of all ages to find balance between education and fun. We offer both educational and fun activities in our program and allow kids to “DECIDE” where to focus. Each day starts with a snack and leads to daily activity choices that include science, art, sports, problem-solving, innovation, drama, public speaking and much more. We strive to provide an overall unforgettable after-school experience.


What happens @ DECIDE After-School…

When school is let out students go straight to the multi purpose room where they are checked in and the “DECIDE” day gets started.

SNACK & CHAT:  DECIDE has an assortment of snacks for students to choose from everyday. Snack & Chat is time for students to chill out and catch up with fellow students and DECIDE teachers as they relax their minds and get ready for THINK TANK.

THINK TANK (Homework): At DECIDE we allow an hour of time for students to get their homework done in what we call "Think Tank”. During “Think Tank” our teachers provide homework help and monitor students to make sure all homework is done to the best of each students ability. We guarantee that homework is completed and that students have a comfortable work environment to get homework done, but we do not guarantee accuracy. Think Tank also allows time for reading and other activities that exercise students’ brains to keep them stimulated and motivated during after school.

FREE VIBES: Free Vibes is the time students enjoy free play outside on the playground or a more relaxed activity inside with a smaller group of kids.

DECIDE TIME: During DECIDE time we have three different activities for the students to choose from. These activity choices consist of a combination of Sports, Science, Dramatic Play, Nature, Art, Dance, Construction, Engineering, Short Films, Cooking, Public Speaking and ideas that are pooled together by staff and student collaborations.

TURN UP FRIDAYS:  At Ethos Classical students are dismissed early on Friday, which means at DECIDE After-School we TURN UP. We plan special events each Friday that are promoted throughout the week so the students have something to look forward to, such as Restaurant Day, Mini Superbowl, Dance Parties, Newspaper Fashion Day, Art Galleries and Treasure Hunts. Don’t miss out on TURN UP FRIDAY!